Integrum : Fixed Full Mouth Rehabilitation


As healthcare technology advances, an increased number of people are living longer, healthier lives. However, dental healthcare has not enjoyed the same attention and there is an increasing burden of edentulousness . At SIAD, we are working on bringing the best in dental science to treating our patients. We offer multiple treatment modalities that can be applied to various scenarios, which can otherwise be restored only by conventional removable prostheses. Restoring our patient’s smiles and their confidence with prostheses that are next to natural teeth is priceless

Why dental Implants?

  • 1. Achieve immediate function
  • 2. High survival rates
  • 3. Natural aesthetics and function
  • 4. No speech impediments
  • 5. Zero involvement of remaining natural teeth

Ideal candidates for dental Implants?

Practically, EVERYONE!

TITAN 4 (All-on-4 Implant Rehabilitation)

Dr. Paulo Maló’s All-on-4 concept has revolutionised the treatment of edentulous arches. Dental implant procedure concept uses the placement of just 4 implants in a pre-determined surgical position, that offers high stability, ensuring immediate comfort in aesthetics, speech and function. A shorter treatment time avoids complex grafting procedures, decreases the post-surgical morbidity and ensures extremely high survival rates. This concept uses the placement of just 4 implants in a pre-determined surgical position, that offers high stability, ensuring immediate comfort in aesthetics, speech and function. A shorter treatment time avoids complex grafting procedures, decreases the post-surgical morbidity and ensures extremely high survival rates.

The all-on-four treatment concept offers a predictable way to treat the atrophic jaw. This teeth implant treatment concept was developed to maximize the use of available remnant bone in badly broken down jaws, thus allowing for immediate function.

The biggest benefit is that regenerative procedures that increase the treatment costs and patient morbidity as well as complications inherent to these procedures are completely bypassed. The protocol uses four implants in the anterior part of complete edentulous jaws. The two most anterior or front implants are placed straight, whereas the two posterior or back implants are placed angled to minimize the cantilever length. This allows greater freedom in placing artificial teeth, allowing more masticatory or biting efficiency.

Our team of surgeons and prosthodontists has been trained personally by Dr. Paulo Maló on his proprietary all-on-4 technique. We credit our success to learning directly from the pioneer, whose constant guidance has helped us perfect this technique.

ZEUS (Zygomatic Implants)

Frequently, we encounter cases where there is severe maxillary (upper jaw) bone loss. Conventional implant protocols can mean lengthy grafting procedures with unpredictable results. Anchoring the firm zygomatic bone, also called the cheek bone enables an immediate loading protocol because of its high primary stability. Dental cripples thus can be miraculously rehabilitated, giving them a normal life once more.

The documented success of zygomatic implants with immediate fixed prosthesis, without any grafting procedures is a valuable tool that helps us rehabilitate difficult, seemingly impossible cases. The surgery is meticulously planned in the Nobel Clinician software and a mock surgery is conducted on a 3D printed model to give us an exact estimate of the final position of the implant. Following this, in accordance with the patient’s medical compliance, general or local anaesthesia is administered, and the procedure is carried out using a custom 3D printed guide. Immediate loading is then carried out by the prosthetic team in charge.

Zygomatic implants are a wonderful option for patients who have almost completely lost bone in the anterior part of the maxilla. A detailed follow up procedure ensures success and longevity.


POSEIDON (Pterygoid Implants)

Replacement of missing teeth in the posterior maxilla is always a challenge for the implant surgeon as the posterior maxilla has several obstacles in the form of quality, quantity, the anatomy of the maxillary sinus, and inaccessibility. The pterygomaxillary region provides us an excellent place for the placement of implant and rehabilitation of posterior maxilla, bypassing complex grafting and surgical procedures enabling immediate loading.

Similar to the zygomatic implant procedure, the concept of pterygoid implant is based on the use of residual bone to firmly anchor the implants. With their high success rates, similar bone loss levels to conventional implants, pterygoid implants are used to support distal cantilevers, i.e., they prevent the prostheses from being supported only on one side, increasing stability. This also gives better chewing efficiency, hence having a higher patient acceptance level.

While there is a lot of controversy surrounding pterygoid implants, an experienced surgical hand, like that of our clinicians makes it a viable treatment option for a number of cases.

Trefoil System

With the promise of definitive teeth in a day, the Trefoil System utilises a pre-manufactured passive fit bar that has been designed anatomically for the lower jaw. A simplified workflow, this system requires just 6 hours of an experienced clinician and laboratory’s active restorative working time.

Our Trefoil team has been trained by exclusive Nobel Biocare Trefoil partners, comprising of oral surgeons and prosthodontists. This incredible system helps us achieve astonishing fixed results in a matter of hours for a severely atrophic mandible. A simple in-patient procedure, the Trefoil system is poised to revolutionize dental implant treatment modalities in India.

Single or multiple teeth replacement with implants

Dental implants are perhaps the next best thing to natural teeth, when the latter is lost. A single missing tooth can be easily replaced with a single piece or two piece implant, depending on the clinical condition. These are especially valuable in the anterior visible area where aesthetics are a major concern. Implants with crowns seems to be emerging directly from the gums, just like a natural tooth. Additionally, due to the firm bone anchorage, they also have greater stability and support than a conventional crown or bridge. Multiple implants can be placed together and then topped off with a splinted bridge, or individual crowns, again depending on the clinical scenario.

Tooth implants procedures are an effective fix for complete and partial edentulism. Today, there is absolutely no need for one to suffer from the dire social and functional consequences of missing teeth. With cutting edge digital technology from diagnosis and surgical planning to implant crown delivery, we have proven capabilities in producing superior aesthetic and functional results.

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